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Enhance your learning about the IB curriculum and authorization process, with our free Professional Development (PD) learning resources, across all four IB programmes.

  • PYP learning resources

    Advance your learning about the Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum.

  • MYP learning resources

    Learn more about the key areas of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum.

  • DP learning resources

    Develop your understanding about the Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum.

  • CP learning resources

    Enrich your knowledge about the Career-related Programme (CP) curriculum.

  • Cross-programme learning resources

    Gain a fresh perspective on the IB's mission of teaching and learning.

  • Authorization and evaluation resources

    Learn about the IB's authorizaion journey and evaluation process for candidate schools, and get familiar with the IB's Programme Standards and Practices (PSP).

  • What is an IB education?

    Strengthen your understanding about the IB fundimentals of teaching and learning.