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An open letter from Director General Olli-Pekka Heinonen on Ukraine

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Support for those impacted by war in Ukraine

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About the ib programmes

  • Primary Years Programme

    Primary Years Programme

    The PYP marks the start of a lifelong journey. It develops caring and culturally aware children aged 3 – 12 to become active participants in their own learning.

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  • Middle Years Programme

    Middle Years Programme

    Building a solid academic foundation, the MYP develops students’ confidence in managing their own learning and making connections between their learning in the classroom and the real world.

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  • Diploma Programme

    Diploma Programme

    A future-ready programme that builds students’ inquiring mindset, fosters their desire to learn, and prepares them to excel at their careers and lead meaningful lives.

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  • Career-related Programme

    Career-related Programme

    A unique programme for students in their final school years. It equips them with future-ready skills and prepares them to follow their career pathways—combining academic subjects with their own professional interests.

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With over 5,000 IB World Schools (IBWS) worldwide, our global school community develops well-rounded, caring, knowledgeable and self-motivated students. Joining the IB gives schools an international reputation for excellence and quality.


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The beauty of the IB is that it’s a global education community. All schools around the world face the same challenges, enjoy the same benefits and can connect with one another.

John Nicholls, Bilingual European School, Italy Italy

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